Haiku mobile multimedia SDP

A unique convergent platform increasing the productivity of your team and enabling a dynamic user experience on any device and channel

Bringing Value to carriers...
Convenience and efficiency

Seamless user experience

io magic

The platform aggregates and adapts the content from various feed and sources. We provide drag & drop interfaces to manage content structure, animation calendar, and publishing media. Our billing and rendering engine perform the final adaptation at runtime.

Online Productivity Interfaces / Campaign Management / Recommendation engine / Comprehensive support of HTML5 / Multi screen rendering / End user profiling / WIFI enabler / Enhanced advertising Intergration / Hybrid app Framework / Enhanced social network Connectivity

CREATE : Builder module to create and manage
PUBLISH : CMS to adapt and deliver contents
CONTROL : Module to test display and rendering
BILL : Time-based access, event based ...
ANIMATE : Tools to manage updates and evolutions

Any contents and processes on their mobile portal and application
stores towards all relevant devices

What value do we bring to you?

Strong expertise in mobile development : our developments rely on our own platform IOMagic to perform Mobile internet projects. This advanced development platform is modular and scalable and enables the automatic creation management and animation of mobile websites optimized for any kind of handsets.

Mobile Applications : our engineers are highly skilled and develop on all platforms : iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Bada, OVI, Windows Phone 7.